this is a sonic bomb box!

an original active stereo speaker

made with upcycled cardboard boxes

sounds loud and clear.

perfect for home use, as a desktop speaker, or watching movie, games, etc

solar autonomy option

authentic high-fidelity

2x15W "Class D"
180º stereo surround
integrated HI-FI tactile speakers


limited edition by Arara

best besign by arara.
hand made in portugal
upcycled computer boxes
high quality products

note about arara

oficina an hyper active art collective from porto
serigraphy / street-art / music / books
experimental artistic
mixed-media fusion

upcycled computer boxes


«boca monstruoso»

double face visual with gigantic mouth.
Originaly this poster was placed on empty houses in the city of porto
amazing sound !


dimension: 420 x 285 x 140 mm

volume: 16 L

weight: 500g

price: 80 €

BOMB BOX «cubastic»

cubist-cubic-tragi-comic double face mask
party animal



dimension: 410 x 335 x 185 mm

volume: 25 L

weight: +- 1kg

price: 80 €

Custom bomb box!

add solar powered battery to your bomb box

autonomy 24/7 in good conditions

simplified installation

complete instructions for building cardboard stereo bomb..
coming soon..

get a bomb box kit!

you can make your own !
it's 10 minutes and it's fun
choose the best box
kit includes complete part lists and speaker



List of material

Sure Electronic - Amplifier Board TA2024 2x15Watt

Dayton Audio DAEX25 Sound Exciter Pair

12V/2~3A regulated alimentation

Electric wire (20cm)

stereo RCA-mini jack cable